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Here at BTX Technology we understand that we need things to just work. Whether its for work, school or play. Our goal is to have you back on you feet asap.

                          Serving Bastrop and surrounding counties. 

Device Pick up

Life got ya busy? We will pick up your device from you and get it repaired. Then schedule a drop off.

Custom built PC's 

Gaming or need a PC for specific needs? Let us design and build you next machine.

Cell Phone, TVs, Tablets

Have a broken screen?

Tv that doesn't have sound or come on?


Whether is networking, server, printer, or even surveillance. Some Jobs require a Tech to be onsite. 


Often a wire gets broken. Capacitors fail. We can fix that too.


Yes Technology!! It's everywhere and we're out of the box here. robot vacuums ,drones, car audio.

Never hurts to ask! 

What Our Clients Say



My computer was taken/upgraded, as much as it could be. It works great and cost to have it done was very manageable even on a tight budget.

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